Download Yet Another Trainer Release Payday 2


Yet Another Trainer Release

Install instructions:
Download and install superBLT
Put hook and hookloc folder from hook.rar inside your mods folder usually located at “C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonPAYDAY 2”
Start game. All keybinds can be configured in “options” then “mod keybinds”.

If you have problems with loading, remove this file “hook/AddThisIfYouWantCarsOnAllMaps.lua”
If you don’t like crosshair, remove this file “hook/content/scripts/crosshair.lua”

By default your name will be spoofed, optionally you can change your name back by writing this line into game chat “steamn reset”.
For more commands, checkout “h”.


Change log:
Added crosshair dot ch <color/width/height/check>
Fixed blt load errors.
Made unlock skins use delaycall in-game, with delay of 0.01.

Improved afk
Improved noclip, autosecure, automsg, crosshair
Improved cpu performance
Fixed crimespree level button
Added autocooker for rat lab
Added server checks to prevent crashes
Added crimespree reset button
Added halfass perk reset button
Removed persist script

Too many features
All kinds of scripts found on UC are put into this mod, new/old. When you find your work in here, you pm me and ill credit you here.


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