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[Release] Shadow Legacy “Minimal” Cheat Table.

Shadow Legacy “Minimal” Cheat Table.

Hi, I’m releasing new “minimal” cheat table with some useful features.
Remember this 3 things:
1) You can use that only on native build
2) You need to disable Battle Eye before using that.
3) You can’t go online, you need Battle Eye bypass to go online.
Current Features:
+ Player/Self:
– Local Health
– No Clip
– Weapon FOV
– Player FOV
– Third Person
– Render Distance
– Local Team / Swap
+ Glow/Charms:
– Colors (Red/Green/Blue)
– Distance
– Start Distance
– Alpha Opacity
– Opacity
+ Weapon:
– Rage Recoil (if is unchecked its enabled otherwise if is checked is disabled, i will fix in the next update)
– Ammo Modifier
– Clip Modifier
– No ADS Animation
– Firemode
+ Misc/Trolling:
– Unlock All
– Run And Shoot
– Ping trough Walls
Simple Preview of Cheat Table:

You can suggest in the comment some features to add in the cheat table for next updates. Please do not ask for bypass.


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