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Unity Runtime DevTools

Unity Runtime DevTools

What is it? Think kinda Cheat Engine within the game during runtime. It’s a swiss army knife for all things. Each module is self-contained and destroyed on Load/Unload of module. Internal resource extraction/export to obj/fbx, and Giles coming in the next update!
This is a Runtime debugger Toolset I’ve been working on. Basically, I went through all the Dev/Debugging assets for Unity and chose the best of each category. Some are projects on Github that aren’t published on the asset store. I rewrote them to work with this method of loading at runtime. You’ll have a Dev C# REPL Console and hierarchy/inspector in any Unity game. I’m still adding Giles to it and fixing a minor bug in the uREPL module, but otherwise, it’s stable and works pretty damn good. It was built with Unity 5.5.5f so it should run on the majority of today’s Unity games. I used a couple of private tools I made that allowed this to happen. I’m sure I’ll have questions on how I did XXXXX, so I will be posting a follow-up article on the process so that you guy’s can make some tools of your own. Follow the install instructions in README. Suggestions are welcome.
Requirements: Either Doorstop, BepInEx 5+, or a StandAlone Injector.
If using standalone injector use the following settings:
NameSpace: DevConsoleLoader
Class: Loader
Method: Init
Associated Article on how to make your own:Advanced Unity Hacking Techniques – Methods of Adding Custom Assets
Alternate (Legacy) Version: (For troublesome games and Legacy Unity version game below v5.6.7)
Description:Unity Runtime DevTools (Legacy)
NOTE: When you load up the Inspector module, look for the DevConsole object, from there you set some additional module settings. Still working on an interface for settings.
Happy hacking and enjoy another whoam15533 release!


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  • Hello, can i use it for Clash of Clans and give me Free Gems and Gold, Elexier, Dark Elexier ?
    is it working ?

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