Download swbf2 aimbot + esp onra2 v4 Aimbot + ESP external Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hacks


Aimbot + ESP [external]

Hi, here is a small cheat for swbf2. works Online and Offline

  1. Aimbot (Chose between Head/body) (will aim at the closest target)
  2. ESP
  3. No Recoil
  4. No Spread

how to use it:

  1. Open ‘SWBF2 Onra2.exe’ in administrator mode
  2. Press 5 to toggle ‘ESP’
  3. Press 7 to toggle ‘no recoil’
  4. Press 8 to toggle ‘no spread’
  5. Press 9 to toggle between head/body aimbot
  6. Aim with your mouse to activate the aimbot
    if you want to change the aimbot key, you can !
  7. -go to Onra2.ini (you will find it in the same location as where you opened the cheat)
  8. you will see ‘AimbotButtonKey = 0x02’ for example. 0x02 stands for right mouse button.
  9. you can find all the codes for the keys here:…tual-key-codes
  10. Onra2.ini format:

now credits: Our boi lord and saviour @coltonon , thank you so much.
i wanted to support controllers for this but my xbox controller isn’t really working so yeah…rip control users, i guess you’ll have to use a keyboard.



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