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A mod menu for Red Dead Redemption 2 i try add more features in future but right now I am a bit busy in IRL
ban risk ? always there is a risk but I try it for 3 weeks and no ban.
Infinite deadeye,
Infinite Stamina,
Never Wanted,
Every one Ignore,
Dont Come Close me (this head shot anything alive near you)
Player Speed,
Player Scale
Infinite Stamina
Infinite Ammo
No Reload
One Shot kill
explosive ammo
Legendary Animals Spawner:(It is safe but please don’t abuse it also i recommend do this in solo loby)
can spawn as dead,
current animals list:
Ota FOX,Legendary Cogi Boar,Icuga Cougar,Emerald Wolf,Legendary Gabbro Horn Ram,Legendary Tatanka Bison,Legendary NightWalker Panther,Legendary ZiZi Beaver,Legendary Teca Gator,Legendary Buck
Teleport To Waypoint.
Rest to normal time
change time(this only override server time for you and it’s not boosting your moonshine or trader )
Menu :
change title background color

How to use :
1-load game
2-add dll in Xenos injector and select RDR2.exe
3-inject it
4- press INSERT in game to open menu

CreditsDev : @mojooriass
Help on scripting : @adv0cate (this guy is god helped me so much thank you), @device9999, @choky10, @AlwaysKaffa, @morgana
Base : @Mafins and RaonHook ported to @device9999 invoker by @zJanny
Special thanks to : @namazso, @Adventure Box, @DisrrptED
source and references: @device9999, @SirMestre, @maxiZzModz


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