Download PidorG v19.7 Sea of Thieves


SoT PidorG (External)

Private External cheat for Sea of Thieves
Anti-cheat status:
– Bypass anti-cheat game
Game version:
– Latest version for PC [Steam / MS Store]


  • Aim at Skeletons
  • Aim at Players
  • Aim at Item’s
  • Custom Aim key
  • Custom Aim Smooth


  • In Game menu (Convenient in-game menu)
  • Name ESP
  • Box ESP
  • Health ESP
  • Weapon ESP (Shows weapon)
  • Mermaid ESP (Shows mermaids)
  • Custom Treasure ESP (Shows treasure)
  • Skeleton ESP (Shows skeletons)
  • Custom Ship ESP (Shows ships)
  • Damage zone ESP (Show damage to the ship)
  • Ship Water Level ESP (Display of the level of flooding)
  • Steering level (Shows how much the ship’s rudder is turned)
  • Showing directions (shows direction without compass)
  • Oxygen Level (Oxygen indicator)
  • Chests, Crate ESP (Shows chests)
  • Lore ESP (Shows chests, skulls, and other things)
  • Skull Cloud ESP (Shows skulls)
  • Pig ESP (Shows pigs)
  • Snake ESP (Shows snakes)
  • Chicken ESP (Shows chickens)
  • Shark ESP (Shows sharks)
  • Megalodon ESP (Shows megalodon)
  • Message In A Bottle ESP (Shows messages in a bottle)
  • Quest ESP (Shows active public events, events, skeleton forts)
  • Custom ESP Distance Slider.
  • Custom ESP Colors.
  • Custom ESP Size.


  • Custom Crosshair.
  • Show Ping.
  • Bhop.
  • Player List.
  • Panic key.


  • Insert – Open Menu


  • Save Settings
  • Load Settings

ProFISH mod:

  • Auto Fish *
  • Farm Bot *

»Ship ESP – Show enemy ship, size and distance to the target. It also shows sunken ships.
»Map Marker – You can leave a marker on the map that will be visible during the game. Seen across the entire map.
»Auto Fish – Automatically catches fish, you only need to cast a fishing rod. Work only with standard fishing rod. If now work, swap to pistol and back.
»Farm Bot – A bot for automatically catching and selling fish, you can catch fish near the seller and immediately sell it.
When you use a bot, in folder with cheat creating a file with statistics “fishingHISTORY”

caught fish = 8
caught trash = 0
START time is = 02:21:00 02.09.2020
DIE time is = 02:33:15 02.09.2020

You can also turn on function to turn off the PC if other players kill you while farming.


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