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There are certain warnings people need to know about so they don’t corrupt their save files.

Anyone who has already downloaded it: DO NOT freeze the values for hunt difficulty or you won’t load into a match. DO NOT freeze or edit the values for any ghost info. DO NOT freeze the value for hoop score or you could corrupt your save file.

Phasmo Cheat Table Ver. 0.176.39 (Beta Branch)

Phasmo Cheat Table Ver. 0.176.39 (Beta Branch)

I’ve moved on from tables so I decided to share mine. Most of the abusive scripts were removed on purpose so please don’t request them to be added. I might add money/exp or free purchases later if I find some spare time.

Each setting line by line so you know how to use them:

Hunt Difficulty – Activate parent script, select a job to populate the value and change the value to 0 for Amateur, 1 for Intermediate, 2 for Professional. DO NOT freeze this value or you won’t load into the match.

Ghost Info – Activate the parent script to see ghost name, age, favorite room, and type. DO NOT freeze or change these values. They will populate after all players have loaded into a match.

Force Ghost Appearance – Activate the script and the ghost will blink as if it were hunting (don’t worry, it’s not actually hunting). Other players can’t see the ghost blinking but pictures you take will count in everyone’s journal.

Hunt Clock – Activate the parent script and you can edit or freeze the time left on the hunt clock in the truck. You have to be host for this to work in online matches. Don’t forget the ghost can’t hunt during the setup phase!

Sanity – Activate parent script and edit or freeze the value at 0 for unlimited sanity. The algorithm for insanity is strange so I suggest just using this script to reset your sanity if you’re out of pills.

Faster Walk – Changes normal walk speed to the legit sprint speed.

Super Sprint – Changes the sprint speed to 3x the normal speed.

Inf. Camera – Freezes your camera ammo so you don’t have to keep changing cameras. (Caution: The journal will still only save the first 10 photos taken!).

Fast Camera – Removes the cooldown between camera shots. Refer to the caution above.

Inf. Salt – Freezes the salt ammo so you never run out. Make it snow!

Super Glowstick (holding/on ground) – Sets the glowstick 25x brighter! One is for a glowstick in your hand and the other is for when it’s on the ground.

Hoop Score – Activate parent script and score once to populate the value. Edit the value and score again to update the value in-game. DO NOT freeze this value or you could corrupt your save file. You’ve been warned.

!!!Final Warning!!!
DO NOT FREEZE the values of the pink lines or you could corrupt your save file!
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