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Perfect external esp & glow using byte patching

this can be ported to any other language extremely easily since it’s just a simple byte patching, I tested this in MM and casual without issue and I didn’t get banned for it, your mileage may vary.

how it works:
it makes the function CanSeeSpectatorOnlyTools always return true, so the game will render it’s own built-in ESP as if you were spectating.

you need to set some cvars which can be done without sv_cheats, I recommend setting spec_show_xray, spec_xray_dropped_unoccluded, and spec_xray_dropped_defusekits all to 1 for the best effect.

things it will render ESP for:
defuse kits
dropped bomb
planted bomb
grenades (when being thrown)
& probably some other shit that I didn’t run into in-game.
the esp for players is sound-based, so it will get brighter the more noise the enemy is making, however this can be changed with the console commands spec_glow_decay_time, spec_glow_full_time, spec_glow_silent_factor, spec_glow_spike_factor, and spec_glow_spike_time.


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