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Overlay Hack BF5 – Internal overlay

Hi.I’ve somewhat ported my external hack to internal (many features are still missing though).



  • ESP Lines
  • FairFight screenshot safe (check the log and/or console)
  • Spectator warning

Start the game to the main screen and then use windowed or borderless mode and inject after that. I use Cheat Tool Set PRO to inject (creates a new thread for best performance). Use the hack at your own risk! You can still get banned for hacking too explicitly (impossible stats, user reports).

I’ve tested the hack on Windows 10 Pro 1909. A bit before an FF SS. ESP will disable until you restart the game. If there is a spectator, ESP will disable until there is no spectators on the server. You do not normally find these features from free hacks. Say thx if you wish to see updates. Thanks.


CREDITS: RozenMaiden synthfx

BTW: It is no longer easy. First you need years experience in terms of reverse engineering and then you need to be able to code in C++. You wish if that all would be enough. But is is not.

You need to also be able to bypass anti-cheat like this one does. They use also pointer encryption which this hack bypasses as well.

That is why you don’t see public hacks like this getting released too often.

Scans for v1.02:…b353/detection…job/31uic7cyl8

Changes for v1.02:

– Stability and logic fixes
– Added ESP distance
– ESP works now in vehicles
– Added support for Windows 7
– Show the hack’s CPU usage

Downloadable Files

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