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Offline Cheat

I tried making something that benja and Oly474 used to make before they stopped updating their releases. I do get maintaining your stuff is a waste of time sometimes but its not for me since I have free time most of the time. So I made this offline cheat to have fun in terrohunt or with friends. Do not go around using this in offline customs or you’ll most likely just get kicked and not liked by many people.



-Unlock All
-Night Mode(Changes Skybox Only)
-No Smoke
-Outlines(With Color Picker)
-Rainbow Glow
-Ping ESP
-Force Fire(Spammable Kali Sniper And Pump Shotguns)
-Fly(Whenever you fall off a building, you fly instead of fall)
-No Recoil
-No Spread
-Sliding(Broken and Stupid)

-Benjaminstrike : Memory Class and help
-Garygrump : Coding
-0Dev : Ping ESP
-CrippledNipple : No Smoke and Fly.


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