Download My Among Us Internal v2 Release + Source! Among Us hacks


My Among Us Internal v2 Release + Source!

Hello, you’ve might’ve seen my v1 version of my among us internal. Yes, that was cancer. So, today I finished my d3d11hook (final and fixed version) and made alot more stuff cleaner and simpler and also more features.

Disclaimer: Use the non steam version of Among Us 9.9

Use the ‘Enable’ function while in game or a lobby otherwise the game will crash!

Ignore ugly the background color I used a ImGui Test Environment for testing my D3D11 hook especially with implementing ImGui lmao
Features (Local):
– Auto Imposter (Host only still unfortunately)
– Speed modifier
– No kill cooldown
– Kill Distance
– Distance type
– Others.
Server Features:
– Skip Voting time
– Change Player Color
– Color ID
– Misc stuff
– Configuration System



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