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Kiddion’s Modest External Menu

 Moderator note (Marcx) Do not report any of the known issues listed down below (such as menu text not showing). These posts will be treated as spam. Failure to follow this instruction will result in removal of your post and you may be infracted at a moderator’s discretion.
Please note: someone seems to be selling this mod. I have nothing to do with that. I strongly encourage anyone who bought this to charge back, it will be the only way to stop this!
There is no “Kiddion’s Premium Menu” and it would never be put on eBay.
Also, anyone on youtube and reddit claiming to be me is a scammer!!!
For a long time I’ve been working on my own external menu. Even though I mainly wrote it for myself, I’m guessing it should be stable and useful enough to others as well, but it’s still a work in progress.
I’ve tried to add the usual features that most menu’s seem to have. But I’ve been mainly focusing on adding unique features that make the gameplay more enjoyable. The most notable feature would be a built-in online vehicle spawner, AFAIK the first time ever this is done externally.
For spawning vehicles, three different types of spawning is supported:

  • “Spawn Anonymous” will spawn vehicles near the player if there’s enough room. This method should support all vehicle types, including both types of Blimp, Snow vehicles and so on. (This one will not work on the Army base.)
  • “Spawn Pegasus” will spawn vehicles through Pegasus, it is the simplest method and should support all vehicle types.
  • “Spawn Personal Vehicle” will spawn vehicles utilizing one empty slot in your garage. This won’t spawn blacklisted vehicles, nor will it spawn Special Vehicles, planes or Helicopters. However it will spawn them near and is probably the most stable method.Other new(?) features include requesting any personal vehicle without mechanical cooldown, calling an air-strike, heli backup and other online services (all for free).
  • This mod is completely external and doesn’t use any natives whatsoever.
  • To use it:
  • Download the menu
  • Start GTA5 and wait until the game has fully loaded
  • Start the mod
  • Read the disclaimer, and press OK
  • Default keys include:
    <F5> to show/hide the menu,
    <Numpad 0> to go back,
    <Numpad 8> and <Numpad 2> to navigate up/down through the menu options.
    <Numpad 4> and <Numpad 6> to decrease/increase the current value.
    <Numpad 5> to activate an option, toggle its value or applying any changed setting.

No responsibility is held or accepted for misuse.

Use at your own risk!

FAQ (Read this before posting here!):

  • Downloading the menu fails/”Why is Windows Defender/Avast/… saying this is a virus?”
    This mod is looking for key-presses (to navigate the menu) and is reading/writing to the memory of another process and some AV are nervous about that. This mod has been manually reviewed thoroughly by a forum’s file moderator and is considered safe, otherwise it wouldn’t have been approved.
  • “Why aren’t my numpad keys working?”
    please toggle Numlock On.
  • “I can start/navigate the menu, but none of the options seem to work?!”
    If you can navigate the menu, but none of the menu options seem to work it is probably caused by your anti-virus blocking the mod from writing to the GTA5.exe process. Please make an exclusion, disable your AV or switch to a better one. (And remember, Windows Defender is an AV too…)
    In some cases, especially on Steam, you may need to run the mod “As Administrator” (when the game was started “As Administrator” too, e.g. after an update).
  • “Can I run this in a VM?”
  • “Why can I only see the menu when I <alt>+<tab> out of the game?”
    In full screen mode, the game has exclusive access to the screen, the menu can’t draw on top of it. Like any external, please run in windowed or windowed borderless mode.
  • “Why does the menu instantly close when I open it?”
    To anyone having the problem where the menu instantly closes when you open it, tap the 0 on NUMPAD a few times and try to open the menu again, that should help.
  • “Can I use this online?”
    Yes, some functions only work when online.
  • “Can I change the keybindings?”
    Yes, see Advanced Config.
  • “Can I spawn for others?”
    If you spawn an anonymous vehicle, others should be able to access that too. And you can spawn multiple anonymous vehicles as long as you don’t keep standing at the exact same spot.
  • “Does this menu have any money options?”
    This mod has a strong focus on enhancing the regular gameplay, rather than add loads of money fast. However, there are a couple of ways to make some extra money. E.g. you can upgrade the npc money pickups in the game, get better money rewards for e.g. doing daily missions and mission jobs, do IE/MC/Bunker missions without cooldown and more. It is also possible to drop money on either yourself of players in sight (either near you or while spectating).
    The best way at the moment is by using the “Minimum Job Payout” and start a mission like “Blow Up II” that’s going to fail when you blow up all vehicles. When the mission has started, go to the World section in the mod menu and scroll to “Kill All Cars”.
    Now you can repeatedly:
    • Press Numpad5 (kill all cars, failing the mission)
    • Wait a couple of seconds (about 10 seconds)
    • Press “PageUp” (Quick restart)
    • Wait about 50 seconds for the mission to load.This will make you 100k/minute. I hear you can tweak it to go even faster, with a 20s total for each cycle.
  • “Does this work for any GTA version other than what the menu was made for?”
    Probably not. The online services and online spawn definitely won’t.
  • “Is this mod detected?”
    Welcome to Unknowncheats. Until the thread title says [Detected] or [Outdated] this mod should be safe to use. So far external mods aren’t detected in GTA 5, unlike many other games. It is however possible that some functions may trigger a detection at some point in the future, therefore it is vital that bans get reported to the Banned?. However, Rockstar employees monitoring your game session (even in solo) should be your biggest concern.
  • “Can I get banned?”
    You can always get banned when you are reported, even when you aren’t using any mods. So far external menu’s have never been detected. Nevertheless using options such as Godmode and teleporting are dangerous when used around other players.
  • “Can I add custom teleport locations?”
    Yes you can use the “Add Current Location” in the Teleport => Custom Locations menu. You can use if for one session, or save your new locations using “Save Config” in the Menu Settings.
  • “Why can’t I receive MC/CEO invites anymore?”
    Disable the Kick to Single Player protection. Sending malformed invites is one of the most common way of “sending” others to single player, that’s why this feature is disabled when the Kick to Single Player protection is on.
  • “Why is my RP level reset after changing a session/restart?”
    After setting the desired RP level, you need to make some additional RP for it to stick.

Known issues:

  • Sometimes spawing a vehicle via Pegasus won’t succeed. You’ll get a refund instead. I’m still looking into this.
  • (v0.8.8) Menu text doesn’t show up on Windows 7/8. It will be fixed in the next version…
  • (v0.8.8) Toggle hotkeys don’t work. It will be fixed in the next version…
  • (v0.8.8) Saving an Open Wheel vehicle can crash the menu. It will be fixed in the next version…
  • (v0.8.8) Vehicle Max Speed doesn’t work. It will be fixed in the next version…
  • Using the online Repair Vehicle option may trigger an endless death-loop in the game. It’s a bug in the game.
  • At the moment, vehicle handling acceleration only works for Rear Wheel Drive vehicles. This will be fixed in future versions.
  • (v0.8.6) MKII ammo get broken after using Max Ammo/Max All Ammo, Infinite Ammo/Clip. I’m working on an update that fixes this.
  • Anonymous vehicle spawing won’t work when there’s something in the way, e.g. an existing vehicle, npc or object. Reposition a bit or walk while keep trying.
  • Sometimes getting your personal vehicle won’t work the first time. After that it should work fine.
  • Without an empty garage slot, you won’t be able to use the “Personal Vehicle Spawning” method. Use Pegasus and/or Anonymous instead.
  • For most items with ranges in the mod (e.g. Weapon Range) you need to press the action-key (Numpad 5) to apply the change. I may choose to change this in the future.
  • Vehicle Godmode and gravity changes are gone once you enter a new vehicle. This is because these are a per-vehicle setting. The only time the “Godmode” bit is toggled for a vehicle, is when you actually press the godmode button. The only time gravity is changed is when you change it using the menu.
  • Vehicle settings like handling options are restored for the previous vehicle once you enter a new one. This is intentional, vehicle handling options apply to all vehicles in the game that have the same model so also the ones NPCs drive.
  • Weapon settings like range and damage are restored once you switch to a different weapon. This is intentional, these weapon options apply to all weapons in the game that have the same model so also the ones NPCs are using to shoot you…
  • Off Radar (online) is patched and will only work for one minute. Use Ghost Organization instead.
  • New kicks are easy to find, so the Force Kick protection will not always work on every type of kick.
  • Probably one of the online protections or unlimited clip may interfere with the Prison Heist in case you are the prisoner. So far it is unsure exactly which option.
  • Please report any issues you find!
  • Credits/thanks to:@Scriptkiddy1337, for getting me interested in GTA modding in the first place, helping out, sharing knowledge and for having fun.
  • @sub1to, for getting me interested in GTA modding in the first place, for sharing lots of info, signatures and more.
  • @TG13, for for getting me interested in GTA modding in the first place.
  • @zorg93, for making the best GTA research tool ever, and sharing some insights on how to remove insurance claims.
  • @COBIT, for finding a way to activate “Fix Vehicle”
  • @unknownfinga, for buying me a Steam version of the game and @kodex999, @LessOften and @MeowFlax for lending me accounts to test with,Everyone that actively contributed to the GTA Reversal thread, especially the early pioneers.
  • Changelog:
  • modest-menu v0.8.8 – August 2020
  • – Update for GTAV 1.0.2060.0 (Summer DLC)
  • – Update UI code
  • – Update config parsing to make it more forgiving on syntax errors, and display more feedback on invalid files.
  • – [Player] Add No Gravity
  • – [Vehicle] Add model feature toggles (Jump, Boost, Parachute)
  • – [Vehicle] Use per vehicle acceleration instead of model acceleration
  • – [Vehicle] Add Untargetable
  • – [Vehicle] Use per vehicle Speed Limit
  • – [Vehicle] Improve Boost handling and add KERS and F1 Boost
  • – [World] Add End Cutscene
  • – [Teleports] Add Peyote locations and some of the Movie Props
  • – [Tunables] Add Change Appearance for Free
  • – [Tunables] Add Remove Oppressor Cooldown, Remove EWO Cooldown and Passive Mode Cooldown
  • – [Tunables] Add Remove Vehicle Delivery Delay (when buying new vehicles)
  • – [Unlocks] Add Summer DLC unlocks
  • – [Unlocks] Add Peyote unlock
  • – [Services] Make Get PV a submenu
  • – [Services] Add Enter PV option (credits to shirabrixx)
  • – [Services] Add Instant Drone
  • – [Services] Add Empty Session option
  • – [Services] Add Disconnect Session option (for heist replays)
  • – [Protections] Add Send to Job and Weather protection.
  • modest-menu v0.8.7 – 26th January 2020
  • – Fix MKII Ammo getting broken
  • – Workaround for Casino teleport
  • – Ignore invalid waypoints
  • – Add ToggleNightVision and ToggleThermalVision hotkeys
  • – Add some new kick protections
  • – Fix not all Personal blips being shown
  • – Add Safe/Clone Nearest Vehicle in Spawn Online
  • – Spelling fixes
  • – Add Increase Daily Limit for casino slots.
  • – Rename Spawn Personal to Spawn Faked Personal, to make it more obvious these vehicles aren’t actually added permanently
  • modest-menu v0.8.6 – 16th December 2019
  • – Update everything for GTA 5 1.50
  • – Add Arcade blip
  • – Add instant minitank
  • – Add Trigger for (managed) Nightclub Production
  • – Add instant fill for Nightclub Cargo and Sporting Goods.
  • – Remove Daily Objectives Bonus (wasn’t working anymore)
  • – Add new teleports: Gang Attacks, Interiors,
  • – Add XMAS 2019 festive unlocks
  • – Add some Casino Heist DLC unlock shirts
  • – Add Casino Heist DLC vehicles
  • Screenshots:


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