Download KZW’S External Menu [1.46] V1.5 Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) Hacks & Cheats


KZW’S External Menu [1.46] V1.5

Hello Everyone,

Today I release my external menu that I’ve been working on for a bit.
It’s not done, but if there’s interest I will continue to update it.

It only supports steam as of right now.

Current released version: 1.5

NUM- = Hide/Show.
NUM8 = UP.
NUM4 = Decrease Value.
NUM6 = Increase Value.
NUM5 = Toggle.
NUM0 = Back.



– There’s a teleport option, to add custom coords. This opens a form to input x,y,z coords. The send button doesn’t pass the inputs yet. Basically means it’s not working. So don’t even bother trying.

– Currently if you turn on an option, make sure to turn it off aswell. Especially teleport, since it might not work if another option is still turned on.

How to use:
– Make sure all 3 files provided are in the same directory.
– Run KZW External.exe
– Enjoy.

Current options:

– Godmode
– Off the Radar
– Never Wanted
– Target Wanted Level (0-5)
– Sprint Speed (0-5)
– Swim Speed (0-5)
– Super Jump
– Suicide

– Vehicle Godmode
– Seatbelt
– Gravitation multiplier
– Uncontrollable car
– Acceleration multiplier
– Launch vehicle
– Burn vehicle (kill the vehicle)
– Give vehicle bad health (slowly kill the vehicle)
– Give vehicle good health

– Fast reload
– Explosive ammo
– Disable spread
– Disable recoil
– High bullet damage

– Teleport to waypoint
– Teleport into the air
– Some pre coded places
– Custom coords (not finished)

Update log:
– Attaching process using another .exe (Should auto update alot of offsets).
– Teleport to waypoint added.


– Spelling fix.
– New vehicle options (could be used for trolling).


– Vehicle now teleports with you.
– Game process must be found in order to start the hack.
– High bullet damage option added (Different values to be added later, it’s currently just normal or high bullet damage).


– Added some new teleport options.
– Added fast reload.
– Added uncontrollable car mode.
– Set the current XYZ Window option to topmost to notice that it will soon be working.
– Code cleanup and optimisations.
– Removed some not working funcs until further notice.


– First release.


Is this detected or can it get me banned?
It is undetected, external menus have never been detected. You can still get reported by other players which might ban you.

What to do if an option stops working?
Restart the hack.


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