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Killing Floor Multihack

Hello guys!
Today I am going to release a Killing Floor Multihack which was made by PreDok but unfortunatly PreDok stopped updating the hack.
Then he posted a tutorial how to update his hack. But since noone shared the updated hack I am going to do it since I still love playing the game and want to contribute to the community.
There are some bugs that I dont want to fix since the only important things for me that have to work are the aimbot and the ESP.
Known bugs:- Game is crashing when clicking on “Profile and Achievements” in the main menu when the hack is already been injected
– After closing the hack menu the mouse sensitivity is reduced to 0.25 (FIX: Go into your game settings and select you desired sensitivity. ATTENTION: Has to be done everytime after using the hack menu!)
– Autoshoot isn’t working
– When you are moving the zombie radar it can stop following your cursor (FIX: Move the zombie radar slowly to you desired location)
– The aimbot sometimes doesn’t hit floating/moving Zeds because the aimbot doesn’t have any predictions built in.
How to use:
– Start Killing Floor and wait until it is loaded and you are in the main menu
– Minimize Killing Floor and inject the .dll into the process KillingFloor.exe
– Press the insert key for the hack menu to open and close
– Hold down the shift key for the aimbot (Shift key is the aimkey. It is hardcoded and can’t be changed by you if you don’t have the source code which is public btw)
– Have fun
PreDok – creator
oLaudix – fixer, recoder
Me – updating the hack to be compatible with Killing Floor version 1065



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