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I need some help

Yes I’m too incompetent to get this right, I’ve read through all the guides and tried hooking the script myself by following the instructions but I’ve reached the point where I don’t know any further.
I’ve been trying is to get

Ammo Replenish

Is there a script that allows only ammo to be replenished? I know there is one for both health and ammo, but I would like ammo only. Thankyou
SOLVED: Thanks to LazyOzzy and everyone who helped

Code:– Replenish Ammolocal player_unit = managers.player:player_unit() for id,weapon in pairs( player_unit:inventory():available_selections() ) do if alive(weapon.unit) then weapon.unit:base():replenish() managers.hud:set_ammo_amount( id, weapon.unit:base():ammo_info() ) end — ADD 3 GRENADES TO INVENTORY managers.player:add_grenade_amount(3)end– Message on screenif managers.hud then managers.hud:show_hint( { text = “Ammo Replenished” } )end

ammo script to work by binding it to F1 and I just can’t manage to do so.
If anyone would be kind enough to help me out I’d be in your debt.


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