Download Free spoofer for many game Apex Legends


Free spoofer for many game.Yo, I show you a spoofer that changes 23 points: Quote:

* Hostname
* Current windows build
* Current windows build number
* Windows build lab
* BuildLabEx
* BuildGuid
* CryptoMachineGuid
* DeviceGuid
* CKCL Guid
* HardwareProfileGuid
* WMIGuid
* EDGE Guid
* InstallDate
* WindowsUpdateClientID
* IE ProductID
* IE KBNumber
* IE Install date
* VolumeID
* MACadress
* HardwareGUID

The same feature of this spoofer is that it is reusable, that is, if you run it again, it will generate new data.
But be careful, it works TOO well, after using it some programs using HWID may stop working. And the original data can only be restored with a restore point, so be sure to do it before using.


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