Download FREE External Auto-Fishing Bot UNDETECTABLE 1.4.2-1.13.2+ Minecraft Mods


FREE External Auto-Fishing Bot | UNDETECTABLE | 1.4.2-1.13.2+

// The 100% Undetectable Auto Fisher For Minecraft \

|| Never slave fishing again! ||



  • Auto Catch Detection
  • Hot-bar Utilization
  • Smart Save (Save Rod’s Enchantments)
  • Anti-Afk Protection
  • Leave World/Server Option
  • Variable Customization
  • Rod-Lock Protection (If Rod Broke Early Skip)

This bot will allow you to fish automatically while AFK. With normal fishing rods lasting 64-Durability each, that gives you a maximum of 576 Catches. Enchanted rods with unbreaking will allow you to go much further. Keep in mind the Rod-Lock Protection feature will automatically skip to the next hotbar item if no catch was detected as it assumed rod broke early (Helps with custom throws & Unbreaking RNG). This bot will also record all progress live in the bot-stats box. Have fun getting rich!

How do I use the program?
– Extract the contents of the zip file.
– Launch the auto-fishing bot (Run as admin).
– Launch your game if you have not already.
– Press configure.
– Volume mixer will open, press Set Position. (Set With F1)
– Set the position slightly above the bottom of your VU meter.

– Click the start bot button.
– Go back to your game, unpause, let the bot take over.
– Enjoy your kittens! 🙂

– Bellow are a few key-binds you need to change in your games settings. (If you wish to use these settings)

  • Auto Eject Rod – Must Bind Drop Selected Item as middle-mouse-button (Push down scroll wheel)
  • Anti-AFK – Must Bind Sneak as left-mouse-button (Left click button)

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