Download FH4 Speed Hack V7 updated Forza Horizon 4 – Speed and turn hack


Forza Horizon 4 – Speed and turn hack

New update is up

This is my version of a FH4 speed hack. It increases wheel speed and now has option for turn assist. It features the ability to change lots of variables.

Shift – boost

Left Dpad – boost (because i use steam controller with it bound to back)
A – wheel speed = 0

*some people have said changing to lb doesn’t work, if it doesn’t, change the 4 to 100 in the keybinds.ini

You can change these hotkeys in program and it should save. you also have the option to reset to defaults.

You have the ability to change speed limit and three speeds at which acceleration should increase. You can also change how strong the turn assist is.

Just run after starting Forza, adjust variables, press “s” to start and it should start working. simple as that.


Video v1:
Video v2:
911 GT3 RS Preorder example – Tune share-code – 183 084 132
Old video of v6: – these speed are still achievable in v7, settings default apart from Low performance mode off, intervals – 10, 5, 3, 0 and boost amounts – 2, 2, 3, 3
Video v7:

-Should support future updates
-Added more speed variables

-More confident it will work with future updates
-Can now stop handbrake from affecting all wheels (a feature from older versions)

-100% works with all updates
-Added turn assist with variables – could do with feedback on this as i’m not too sure on it

-Turn hack now plays nicely with speed hack – no more pulling to the side
-Added turn hack deadzone variable

-Works with newest version
-Extra variables known as the “boost intervals” – the time it takes before each “boost” is applied in milliseconds

-Greater compatibility – should work for most, if not all people
-Majority of variables in code are now changeable in the programme (boost amount is now a changeable variable)
-Low performance mode (for the better compatibility) removes the showing of the current speed – this can be enabled/disabled
-Now holds gas for you while holding speedhack button
Note: For similar performance (theoretically) to Krixxplay’s programme, use boost intervals 10 20 20 20, all boost amounts 1, and boost speedups 100 200 300 and whatever limit
Also, big thanks to Krixxplay for helping me make the base of this hack.


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