Download FACE Injector Anti-Cheat Software & Programming Anti-Cheat Bypass


FACE Injector


Meme injector with HideVAD
W10 RS2+ Only 64bit (Process & System)
No support SEH & VEH & PE Packers
Pls TurnOff Checks SDL(sdl-) & Security(GS-) & ControlFlowGuard in your dll file

GetPID_ThID(StrA(“ProcessHacker”) << insert window class name (Example: CSGO(Valve001), Apex(Respawn001), etc)
GetDllbyFile(StrA(“C:\Users\123\Downloads\roflanPominki.dll”)) << insert dll file path
DrvWaitGetDllBase(StrW(L”kernel32.dll”) << insert dllname wait in process (InjectDelay)

Inject should run before the game starts.

DOWNLOAD old Download M3M35
Download FACE PhysJect

thx @DarthTon, @Waryas, @klorik, @wlan(drvmap concept), zwclose7

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