Download ExSharp-Base fork (Kernel Mode + Zoom Hack) League of Legends


ExSharp-Base fork (Kernel Mode + Zoom Hack)

Hello. This project is a mix of C# External RPM & PixelSearch Base fork, Zoom Hack and KernelBhop hack for CS:GO but reimplemented for League of Legends.I have to say I’m pretty bad at programming, so the code might not be the best, but it works for me.I would really appreciate pull requests from more experienced coders, or just on-time offset update pull requests.
All memory read/write (new) operations go through Kernel driver so it should be faster and harder to detect.
All ExSharp-Base features kept unchanged, also:
Added Zoom Hack (Press Page Up/Page Down for more/less maximum zoom).
How to run:
1) Right-click Load Driver.bat – Run as Administrator
2) Start League of Legends
3) Right-click ExSharpBase.exe – Run as Administrator
4) Enjoy!
(repeat from 2 for new games)
Github (Kernel Driver + DriverCommunicationLibrary):
Github (ExSharp-Base fork):


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