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Erectus Experimental Forks

This is the FINAL version of ErXX that is compatible with version There more than likely will be no more updates for this program. Anyone wishing to pick up the gauntlet, please let me know and we can continue the great work of @mscivy.


If you use it, it is at YOUR OWN RISK. As with any program, there are no guarantees of not being banned as well as full functionality on your system. I will try to assess and answer questions as soon as I am able and guide where needed. The program is pretty self explanatory with regards to the functions.

BIT MESSAGE WRITER is required for Send Damage, Looting/Auto Looting. With BMW disabled, these functions will not work. At this time, there is a small workaround for BMW. However, it is not a guaranteed method. This new detection will more than likely flag your account and could result in unwanted consequences. Use BMW at your own risk! Unlimited Ammo also seems to be compromised. Please do not use a main account and use a burner on a computer that is not the same as your main.

+Minor adjustments
+Do not use BMW functions. If so, at your own risk
+Do not use infinite ammo. This is detected.
Older/Outdated versions
This build is a fork of the original Erectus and NOT a fork of Reborn.
As a result, functionality and features will differ between the two programs.
Any additions to the program are at the sole discretion of the author and are not guaranteed to be implemented at any point.Please remember that if you receive a ban on your account, mostly a permanent ban, your computer is flagged by using your HWID. You will have to find a way to change that in order to play again on another account. Please keep this in mind when using. They are not just looking for background processes anymore.

Please note that this tool in not able to do the following:
-NO getting items from any of the vendor stashes
-NO creating legendary weapons
-NO editing of legendary stats on current weapons
-NO creating/editing legendary armor/stats of armor
-NO Transferring of SS armor from Vault 79
-NO Transferring items from Dev Cell as going in the cell gets you kicked from the server and instaban.
-NO Items/Armor/Weapon duplication with this tool. Separate programs needed for this and they are not linked in this thread.

This thread is being created to ensure that other threads relating to specific programs is not taken over with questions and responses that do not relate to the thread owners original intent. This thread will serve as a place for information and support on the various forks in order to help people. If you have a fork and would like to explain your build, do so here. Questions and support will be answered/given as time permits by the owners of the source and the community.


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