Download DAUNTLESS DESTROYER 2.2.1 (OB 0.8.3) Updated 02/07/2019



Simple yet elegant internal hack for Dauntless


  • Attack speed
  • Movement speed
  • Jump height
  • Stamina
  • Instant movement
  • Teleportation to Beheamoth
  • Auto-Clicker
  • Aimbot (Unstable)
  • HP bar
  • Config management system
  • Hotkeys

How to use:

  • Start Injector
  • Start Dauntless
  • Enjoy!


  • INSERT – Show/hide the menu
  • DELETE – Teleport to behemoth
  • HOME – Turn auto-clicker on/off while in a hunt


  • You can finally use the hack in fullscreen
  • The menu intializes once you enter town/hunt and is off by default to prevent some bugs
  • You can only move HP bar window when the main menu is open
  • If you create a config called “default”, it will get automatically loaded every time you start DAUNTLESS DESTROYER
  • You can double-click on the slide bars to enter the value with keyboard
  • Turn auto-clicker off when using the pause menu while you’re in a hunt
  • Make sure not to send any crash reports to Phoenix Labs when Dauntless crashes, Special thanks to: @Diamantes @SMEKT
  • Enjoy <3


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