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TheCruz’s Direct EFI Aimbot and Glow Hack Update

So recently Cruz released the source code because he has been busy. I will be updating offsets every single time there’s a new update here since a lot of people are having trouble doing that. I will also hopefully try to add more features like visibility check, item glow, make it *Fully* undetected and much more.
* All credits go to @TheCruZ . He has worked really hard on this project and I will try to keep updating it for as long as I can! *

Note This Only Works With Origin. I will release steam soon enough.

Requirements : * You can check if you meet these requirements by going to System Information *

1 – OS Name : Microsoft Windows 10
2 – Version : Build 19041 / Windows 2004
3 – System Type : x64 Based PC
4 – Bios Mode : UEFI
5 – Platform Role : Desktop
6 – Secure Boot State : Off
7 – All in one visuals c++

Instructions :

1 – Copy USB folder contents to an USB Drive, go to your bios and start with your USB(1*)

2 – Type the following :

-ls * Ls not Is *
-load memory efi
* wait 5 seconds *

3 – Load Windows Normally
4 – When your are back in your desktop go to Ring3 folder
5 – Open notepad.exe as admin
6 – In the ring3 folder drag and drop CRZAimbot.dll to INJ.exe and type the process name notepad.exe
The console should close and your cheat is ready to work, * If you hear multiple beeps it worked successfully. If one long beep you did something wrong *
Open the game and when the people jump from the airplane you should see the glow hack
Have Fun!
Video Tutorial :…ture=emb_title
So what changed with this update that I did? * Version 1.2.6 *
1- Updated Offsets
2- Made regular ” aimbot not aimlock ” somewhat smoother.


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