Download Chams, Vsat, No-Recoil, Fov, FPS, Bo2 Compact [v2.0] by LINDRA


Cal of duty 9 – Black Ops 2: Bo2 Compact [2.0] by LINDRA

1. How it works :

-Extract all the files in a same folder
-Start the Game
-Start Bo2 Compact [v2.0]
-Be sure to be in private if you are using private tabs
– Enjoy Cheating

2. Cheat Description :

Status :
Gives you in-game informations :
– If you are in-game or not
– Map Name : (ex: Nuketown)
– Public / Private : You can know if you could use those options in private or in public lobby
– Number of player : (ex: 1 if you are alone

– Gametype : (ex: Domination)

CFG & Basic :
cg_ Stuff :
-FieldOfView Scale
-Gun Position : (X,Y,Z)
-Resize : (Names, Icons, Ranks)
-Remove : Names, Ranks, Gun, Crosshaire, Game Chat, 2DItems
-Cg_Colors : Saturation, Temp

g_ Stuff :
-Feed Color Changer : (Allies / Ennemies) colors : Blue, Red, Green, etc

Theater :
-GreenScreen : (Change the color of the sky to a solid color : green, red, yellow, ,etc)
-No Player : Players become invisible (visual only you will not become a super hero )
-Depth of Field : (Change Blur effect on your screen : far, near, end, etc)
-Ambient Occlusion : (Change shadows and stuff like that)

-Gmzorz Config : (select one of Gmzorz config or make your own one, choose : “Custom Config”)
-Fog settings : Start, Near, Bias, etc
-Sync Colors : Helps you to get a perfect Fog effects

Sun :
-Change : SkyTemp, Transition, Brightness, Rotation to get a beautifull sky

-Sun light Direction : Change X and Y axes of the light(might not work perfectly)
-Sun light Color : Change the color of the light (change it between two games)
Bot Rennamer :
-Your health and Bots Health
-Allies and Ennemies Bots Rennamer (Change name and Clan Tag)
-Warning Security message to prevent you using it online

Weapons :
– You can change your gun (peacekepper, etc)
– You can change the camo of your gun(weaponized 115, ghost, etc)
Cheats :
Host Only
– You can get an amazing reload and aim speed, fire rate, Nospread, in private game only
– Vast (default Vsat hack )
– NoRecoil (Easy Norecoil )
– Physical Chams: Change R,G,B value of the body and click on preview if you wants a preview of the color
I also add a Save and Load button because nobody like to set his options again and again

3. Security improvement:

– Add TAC Screenshot bypasser
– Rdm Tool Name to make this tool safer and harder to detect (been Vacced isn’t cool i know it )
if you minnimize it it will be here :


ScreenShots of the tool :

Video of the tool

Game Version:
43.1736.11 Steam (Redacted is NOT supported)
Undetected since (03/18/2018) but use at your own riskSystem:
Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8.1
Windows 10 MacOS NOT Supported

Virus Scans :

– Credits :
– Jordnel & Hydra for few Offsets
– Gmzorz for the FOG
– xEinHorn for the basics

This tool needed 48 hours of developpement to works perfectly, and its free so click on “thanks” and if you want to help me for better tools you can also give some €,$,£ here :


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