Download Castle Crashers v2.7 Cheat Table


Castle Crashers v2.7 Cheat Table
Hello everyone. This Table includes:

– Total XP (Address): Change it to “10000000” to level up instantly as soon as you hit an enemy.

– Character Level (Address): Just select a character, go to the map and click on “Stats”. Change the level to 99 and close the stats. Then, open the stats again, close it and join a level. Your character should be maxed out.

– Skill Points (Address): Go to the map and open your stats. Then, change the Skill Points amount to 100 and close your stats. Open your stats again and try increasing your character power. You should have unlimited skill points.

– Character ID (Address): This can be used to unlock all characters or to use DLC characters you don’t own. To use it, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Character Selection”
  2. Hover over the Orange Knight
  3. Change the Character ID Address value to the ID of the character you want. E.G: change it to 20 (Necromancer ID)
  4. Select the Orange Knight
  5. Press ESC and go to map
  6. Join the same level
  7. Press ESC and leave the game
  8. Go back to “Character Selection”
  9. You should have the Necromancer unlocked

IDs: 1 = Green Knight
2 = Red Knight
3 = Blue Knight
4 = Orange Knight
5 = Gray Knight
6 = Barbarian
7 = Thief
8 = Fencer
9 = Beekeeper
10 = Industralist (Blue Robot)
11 = Alien Hominid
12 = The King
13 = The Brute/ The Gladiator
14 = Snakey
15 = Saracen
16 = Royal Guard
17 = Stoveface
18 = Peasant
19 = Bear
20 = Necromancer
21 = Conehead
22 = Civillian
23 = Open-Helmet Gray Knight
24 = Fire Demon
25 = Skeleton
26 = Iceskimo
27 = Ninja
28 = Cultist Minion
29 = Pink Knight
30 = Purple Knight
31 = Hatty
32 and up = Headless Hatty

New version (fixed stuff): Download Here!

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