Download [AoE 2] AoC Combo Pack 4


Turtle Pack, a game data editing software package of AOE1, AOE2 and Star Wars, was called SLP Editor before.

it includes 3 tools, as follow:

DRS Editor — can be used for modifying the game data file
SLP Editor –can be used for modifying the game images
Animation Preview –can be used to do visual evaluating specially for SLP images

This is a well-designed software, you will feel like using it for its convenience.
About the Language:

The default language of Turtle Pack is English. You can check in the languages
folder to see if your preferred language is available – if yes, copy the language.lg
to the main directory and replace the original one; if not, you may used notepad or
other text editor to edit and translate the language.lg you are your language.
When modifying language.lg, remember to keep the original texts in the same lines.

Use the google translation:

Every time I update the Turtle Pack. Always need to seek help from their friends – for text translation.

Trisolo (scenario_t_c) help me to do a lot of work I am very grateful to him.

To seek help from others, I feel a headache so I could no longer continue to update this software.

+ Might be able to open some SLP/DRS files that didn’t work before.



(1)DRS Editor: Enter the name of the form can not be AOE-TC recognition errors

(2)SLP Editor: Zoom state mouse set anchor BUG;Multi-frame mouse settings when selected anchor correction;Terrain split and merge error.

Please note, the terrain of the SLP use a different algorithm to generate the data, the same time, SLP Editor Only in “split and merge” functions support to create terrain SLP, so please do not use Menus-> Edit-> New Frame this interface to add terrain frame.


New features: SLP Editor, use “Merger and Shear” output bitmap can add the dividing line.

Fix: modify the default palette AOE2 last color value (255). Changed to the correct black from white.


New features: in DRS Editor, Render speed of SLP can be adjusted. Addition, the mouse click on the Paint Box, single-frame stepping.


New function: Frames can be got together into a big picture, and such big picture can be cropped into single frames.
Using SLP Editor->tools->Mergers and shear button.
(Some units maker like to combine all frames into a big picture to operate their art work more easily. Now it can be done automaltically.
After combination, please don’t forget to use “Crop Blank Pixels” button for getting rid of the surplus background colour.)
And, there are also fixes of existing bugs.

1.4 release:

Essential bugfix: Error in opening some SLP files from AoE/RoR. release:

Revised: change resource id to do reshow the Note; Font size reset to 9 of text editor.

1.3.3 release:

New Function: SLP Editor would insert the filename of SLP when exporting the bitmaps.
New Utility: Texts Editor.
And most importantly, DRS Editor would now allow you to freely modify all texts or palettes inside a DRS, instead of the old method of replacing original resources.
Revised: Move any small bug.

1.3.1 release:

Revised: The DRS Editor, change the resource ID, you can not get a reminder of file_change.

1.3 release:

New Utility: Palette Editor, located at the tool menu of Drs Editor.
New Utility: Terrain Cutjoiner,located at the tool menu of SLP Editor.
Additional hints at the tool menu.

1.2.6 release:

New features: file association for *. Slp *. Drs.
New features: CTRL + mouse click and drag to quickly set the anchor.
New features: Extract bitmap can choose the background color.
New features: anchor data support the export and import using csv file storage.

Please choose one of the links below to Download this File.

Download this Hack from link 1 – click here
Download this Hack from link 2 – click here

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