Download AOC Combo Hack 2


Insructions for The Conquerors Combo Hack
1. No CD, you can play without cd nothing else to say.
2. No Fog, Press F6 to turn on and off.
The map hack auto-detects the map type explored/normal
On Normal:
-Reveals all the land on the minimip
-once you explorer and area (with like a scout) you can see that area forever (see there villies and what they build).
On Explored:
-Reveals the minimap and main map

3. Stat/Score Hack. Will show you enemies resourses in the scores. Press F4 to change
screens or click scores button again . (NOTE will not work on coop yet)
4. Random Civ Hack, When you host a game you can pick peoples in game civ
no matter what race they chose. If they pick random you can change it to like vikings. Heres
how. In the chat window where you talk to people you type

then Press F5 not enter.

This will say the player in SLOT1 as huns.

then Press F5 not enter.

Will set the second player as vikings. Play around for a bit, you will soon find it easy.
5. Resign Hack, press F1, it will resign all your enemies. (Note pressing CTRL-F1, makes everyone resign but you,
even your allies)

6. Resource Cheat *Beta*

a. You must host
b. You must have a computer on
c. The computer player must build a market
d. The comptuer player must by your ally, or lock teams must be off

This hack makes the computer player resource cheat. and forces him to send the cheated resources
to you. 10,000 of everything. You can practice this cheat in single player. Press F7 when you
want the computer player too tribute. This hack is only BETA, will be working to get rid of requirements
b through d.

7. Diplomacy Hack *beta*

a. You must host
b. You must have a computer on
c. lock teams must be off

This hack when you press f8 it makes enemy of yours ally you. Only beta will be working to get rid of requirement

8. Game Time Hack *Beta*
This is for rated players. To not get and inc and win in less then 4 minutes. You press F9 (you should see game time)
go to 5:00 minutes. Then hit F1 to resign everyone. Then race back to the room. Go back to zone as quick as you can.
(so you tell the zone the game time, not them). Then you should have the points. Try this out, might have some bugs
that need working out yet.

Please choose one of the links below to Download this File.

Download this Hack from link 1 – click here
Download this Hack from link 2 – click here

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Download & Get Access to Premium Game Hacks and Cheats Here!